Sunday, January 24, 2010


Howdy Everyone!

And welcome to the first blog for The Vintage Voice. I've been doing research on vintage (pre-1970) music & movies for over two decades, and host a weekly radio show, Adventures in Sound. It airs on KOOP Austin, 91.7 FM (online at

This blog will focus on my passion for older music and movies. I enjoy sharing my interests and hobbies with people every week on my radio show, and hope you enjoy them as well.

Feel free to contact me with your feedback!

Dennis Campa


  1. Hey Den,

    I like that name a lot... and now that you're old... it fits!

  2. Welcome to Blogland, Dennis!

  3. Eagerly looking forward to your entries as a fellow researcher. I've got a good number of 78 RPM platters in my own collection.

  4. Howdy, Dennis! Glad to see you've started this site. Advance warning to you and your readers--I will no doubt become a frequent and tiresome contributor to this blog. You have been forewarned.