Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recent Listens...

First, thanks to everyone for their nice comments; glad people look forward to my blog!

I've added a few details in my profile, with more to follow this week. Additional info (links, interests, etc.) are coming soon!

For now, I've a few comments on some music I've been enjoying a lot lately:

John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

Amazing that this was recorded in one day! Four beautiful, extended pieces dedicated to God. Doesn't seem long at all, and goes by all too quickly. Something I've listened to many times at work last week.

V/A: Where the Action Is, Los Angeles Nuggets 1965 -1968

Fantastic box set of 1960s Los Angeles garage, pop, folk-rock & more! Some of the bands I wasn't familiar with, but (nearly) all of the heavyweights are here: The Byrds, The Doors, Love, The Music Machine, The Seeds, etc. Great that the collection start with The Standells "Riot on Sunset Strip." A wonderful Valentine Day's gift from my wife.

Muddy Waters: The Complete Plantation Recordings

Where it all began (record wise) for McKinley Morganfield. Muddy on acoustic guitar, mostly unaccompanied. Also has some great examples of him playing with a rowdy string band. Plus interview segments with Alan Lomax & John Work (the folks who recorded this). Get the reissue on MCA, the sound quality blows away previous reissues of this stuff.

Plus, lots more Muddy & Howlin' Wolf (mainly for my Chess Records show last week); Fletcher Henderson 1925 to 1934 sides; lots of 50s Beat & Beatniks records (again for my radio show); Nick Drake demos & more.

And many, many more!

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